April Fool Day trends for School at 2019: It is difficult figuring out jokes where one plays a kind on your students at April Fool’s day 2019. Also to make sure is using best judgment playing pranks. These pranks conflicts with school/district policies.

use this April fool jokes for school

Here are some suggestions which I have gathered:

  1. One such kind switches classrooms for the day. Kids usually come and at the door it is not their regular teacher they see.
  2. Usually kids in the elementary school have names which wrote on tables or desks. On shuffling everybody’s last name around with first name and also with some other kid’s last name.
  3. new april fool ideas for school
  4. This is one of the funny pranks for the little kids where one can begin your lesson with the day of your mouth moving with no sound coming out. This really freaks kids out.
  5. It is noted that April Fool’s day 2019 is near Easter with many classrooms with dye eggs. Gluing the eggs into egg cartons where the kids try to pull them out which they will not be able to do so. If you do not find it hard boil the eggs which is even funnier.
  6. use april fool pranks for school
  7. When the first kid of the day calls out your name tells the class, “That’s not my name children”. Upon making up a name for yourself with total pretension like that has been your name the entire year.
  8. One more thing can be done is by gluing few pencils on to the floor where one of your kid’s desks and demands that they clean up their mess!
  9. This is a routine task in the classroom where kids can make re-arrangement of kid’s desk or table in the room.
  10. April fool 2019 jokes
  11. The fabulous field trip which is planned for today cancelled because nobody was brought permission slips on time.
  12. Ask everyone turning their homework due today which is worth 90% of their grade for 9 weeks.
  13. Take best and brightest student aside which one can tell them they are in danger failing their grade for the year.
  14. new april fool day 2019 pranks
  15. Kids can also tell their class that lunch is cancelled because cafeteria ran out of food but everyone else at school got to eat.
  16. Send several kids to the principal office for no reason.
  17. Tell your students about leap year and staying in the class for 2 hours longer every day this month.
  18. Kids can assign new seats and re-assign again several times during the day.
  19. A Halloween costume to wear telling all the children they will not get any candy this year because they did not dress up.
  20. To give a lame excuse of getting sick during Friday or Monday – Think if suppose students want a long weekend or not to have class on Monday? A fellow teacher thus far comes in, telling them you are sick but you did not have a time finding a substitute. The teacher says something like we trust you, be on your own for the rest of the day’ and then have them exit. See what happens. I wonder how long one can last watching them figuring out what to do?
  21. Students can also tell about field trip at some places of fun at the end of the day – Upon getting almost with telling them about the ‘fun’place actually where the home is.
  22. A creation of new grading system which is entirely goes as such – Tired of A, B, and Cs(okay and sometimes Ds and Fs)?Make up a complete arbitrary and confusing grading system! For example, one notes students doing well gets a ‘Frog’ and students who don’t do get ‘Blue’ and others graded with a with a gold star. This totally confounds the human mind with a best route going out there.
  23. By conveying a new method of classes taught to students via social media such as Twittergoes by a surprise – If you are a teacher? Just talk about teaching on Twitter which actually goes addictive on social media tool? You instruct students follow with a particular hash tag and just start typing on your mobile phone which goes in the front of class. Watch them who scrambles and protest!
  24. One can flip classrooms having one of the student – chosen at random teaches the entire day – or at least tell them about their routine day task for the entire day. They obviously will not go before the student runs out of things to say.